BBQ Postponed due to expected bad weather.

We will reschedule and get back to everyone. Please feel free to write in and suggest a new date! 🙂

Third Annual BBQ!



2019 HOA Dues are due March 1!

February, 2019

Hello Residents! HOA dues are now due again for the new year. You will receive a letter in the mail. Please take time to send in your payment. We will be in touch if we don’t hear from you!


Your Beloved Pooch’s Presents

February, 2019

Dear Residents,

When your dog poos on  the sidewalk or in the front yards of homes, it’s unsightly and against code for Watkinsville City. Please be kind and clean up behind your beloved pooches!


Curb Side Leaf & Limb Pickup

Dear Residents, did you know that your leaf and limb, as well as your garbage pick-up, is free? It is!

Avoid throwing leaves and limbs over your back fence!  Please leave your leaves and limbs on the curb, not in the road.   Also, we should be sure leaves and limbs are not clogging the gutters. This can affect our sewer and gutter run-off.


2018 HOA Dues are due now! Final call!

November, 2018

This is a final call for dues. Please take time to send in your payment, as the new year is approaching quickly. We will be in touch if we don’t hear from you!

Entrance Beautification!

November, 2018

When the rain ends, we are planting six Maple trees along the left side of the entrance to match the opposite side. Then, we are installing Mountain Laurel in between the Maples on both sides of the entrance.

We hope this will make the entrance to Stone Shoals both inviting and welcoming to all those who enter. It’s an opportunity to show the world how much we love living here!